Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fun in Dallas/Fort worth

So something I want to include on my blog is about fun places to go in Dallas and Fort Worth. I have actually lived in {mostly} Fort Worth for my whole life (minus my stint in college and a summer in Houston) and know the area pretty well. I am much less familiar with Dallas, but since the majority of my friends and my church are in the Dallas area I am getting there. So here are some of my recent favorite places and one I am looking forward to trying as soon as I am done with my diet.

1. Family Karaoke
Located at: 11433 Goodnight Lane, Dallas, TX 75229
(469) 522-0365
Open Tue-Sun 6pm-4am

This place in stuck back off of Royal Lane and 35 in Dallas, it looks very sketchy as you get to it (as do most fun places). Prices are decent, especially if you get a big group and split it. The music selection is good, and the service is awesome.

2. Red River
Located at: 10310 Technology Boulevard East
Dallas, TX 75220
(214) 352-1796

Since I moved back to Dallas I have been learning how to dance. Somehow I still stink at this, even 9 months later (I blame my complete lack rhythm, which somehow after playing the fiddle for 5 years I never developed), but it fun! The live band plays at the latest music, the DJ plays good stuff the rest of the time, and the drink selection is decent, just don't ask for Blue Moon. And my personal favorite pastime, there is always good people watching to be had.

3. Yogolait
Located at: 3250 Hulen Street
Fort Worth, TX 76107-8100
(817) 732-3366

I am a total frozen yogurt junkie. I would eat it every day if I could. Yogolait is one of my favorites for several reasons. Firstly, I love that they post the nutritional facts above each flavor. If you are like me, you might assume that plain tart has the least amount of sugar, but that's not true, usually the chocolate or the strawberry has significantly less sugar. Secondly, I love their topping choices, even though they don't usually carry any cereal toppings. But they have awesome brownies, dark chocolate curls, actual fresh fruit (i.e. hasn't been frozen), and so much more. Thirdly, the atmosphere is fun and creative. They are currently featuring an artist by the name of Pamela Gordimer. Her style is very Georgia O'Keeffe (my favorite artist). You can see pictures of her work on the Yogolait facebook page: Facebook:yogolait.

4. Ellerbe Fine Foods
Located at: 1501 West Magnolia Avenue, Fort Worth, TX
(817) 926-3663


I love this place, and I have only been once. Basically, I cannot afford to go eat here except on really, really nice occasions. I went here for my celebration dinner of finally getting a real, full-time job with my family. And it was one of the best meals I have EVER had. From the cheese plate to desert, I was exceptionally impressed. Even though I ate there months ago, I can still distinclty remember my spring pea risotto with fresh pea tendrils and scallops. *sigh* I am a sucker for a good risotto and scallop dish and this one was perfect. They cook with local, fresh ingredients, and change the menu constantly. When I was there they were serving a prickly pear sorbet that was made using prickly pear from the chef's, parent's ranch. So cool! Hopefully soon I can go back. Reservations are strongly encouraged.

5. Spiral Diner
Located at: 1314 West Magnolia Avenue, Fort Worth (also a location in Oak Cliff in Dallas)
(817) 332-8834

I love the Magnolia area of Fort Worth and it is because of the funky, little places like this (Ellerbe's in located just down the street from here). I am a dedicated meat eater, I am never going to be vegetarian, but this place is fun. The atmosphere is very 1950's diner and so artsy. It just fits my personality to a t. The waitstaff are all nice, knowledgeable, and usually pierced and tattooed. Their menu is organic whenever possible, and 100% vegan. They have a glossery at the beginning of their menu, and their prices are good. My favorite thing I have had to eat was the "Festivus Sandwhich" which was a thanksgiving style sandwhich (so tofurkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, etc), and sooo good! I didn't miss anything and plus the name made me happy. check it out even if you aren't a vegan or vegetarian, we could all use a little expanding of our culinary horizons.

6. Dream Cafe
Located at: There are two, one in Uptown and one in Addison.

My friend Amy has been telling me about this place for months now. And since she has great taste in food and venues I have been dying to try it out. But every time she has gone recently I have had something else going on. But we are going for brunch sometime in the near future. Their website sucks me in with the "global" and "eclectic" food claims, those are two of my favorite words to apply to my meals. :) I just finished reading the brunch menu and am now considering a cheat day of the crazy diet. yummy!

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  1. We need to set a date for Dream Cafe- post crazy diet. And we also need to do a risotto night- I love me some risotto.