Thursday, January 20, 2011

recent and not so recent obsessions

So anyone that knows me well can tell you I have a few things I love in life. The big one would be God. And after that cooking, family, art, photography all come into play. And then we get to the small things, those things that don't seem like much, but that bring you spots of creativity, of joy, into your day. Mine are trees, pretty birds (aka not grackles), a good vintage find, earrings, and Anthropologie (when I am not broke). And yesterday Anthropologie was a very happy place. I have been obsessed with this puzzle they have for months. It is a wooden puzzle with all the pieces cut into neat shapes. It is SO fun! It was also like $150 originally. haha. Not happening. Then it was marked down to $99 right before Christmas...yeah I was broke then. So yesterday I saw Anthro was having a big sale (I don't stalk them online or anything), and I had wanted a shirt that was on the sale rack. So I popped into the store they have so conveniently placed right by my office to try the shirt on. And what do I see on the sale table, but the puzzle! Marked down to $49. I proceeded to grab it, look around like someone was going to steal it, worry about it sitting out with the clerk while I tried on my shirt, and then bought it. Now it is sitting it my room staring at me. I cannot decide if I want to put it together as a normal puzzle, or do some funky art piece with it...I am thinking scattered across a painted canvas with bits and pieces of the puzzle put together....


  1. Glad you finally scored it! You should definitely make it into some funky art project.

  2. Just work the puzzle, then use it for art afterward. Remember, you can always take a puzzle apart!

  3. true story. I think I am going to try and put it toegther (even though I am aweful at puzzles) and then do something creative with it...